Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman – are Hollywood’s top names. Not only have they made their mark in their careers, but they are also pioneers of sustainable fashion trends, which are inherently transformative.


What do A-list stars prepare so that their skin can shine on the red carpet of big events?

Here are the famous Hollywood stars in advocating for sustainable fashion


5 Hollywood stars pioneering sustainable fashion trends

“Witch” Emma Watson  

5 Hollywood stars pioneering sustainable fashion trends

Emma Watson in sustainable fashion brand   Stella McCartney (Image: @the_press_tour) 

In the campaign to promote the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, actress Emma Watson is not on the list of people who have a green lifestyle and are devoted to the environment when there is an Instagram account @the_press_tour, where she shares her sustainable fashion style. The highlight is the combination with Stella McCartney brand – one of the leading high-end fashion brands in the field of sustainable fashion.

The picture Emma shared on The Press Tour’s Instagram page 

Also in the promotional event for this film in France, the actress also wore a costume made from recycled plastic, by the talented hands of designer Nicolas Ghesquiere

Emma Watson in a Calvin Klein  design at Eco-Age’s The Green Carpet event last year   

In the annual event ” The Green Carpet Challenge Takes The Met Gala 2016 ” organized by the Eco-Age association, Calvin Klein brand specially designed for Emma Watson  an evening dress made from recycled plastic. , organic silk and organic cotton yarn.


Hollywood Anne Hathaway ‘s multicolored “flower”  

The actress wore a black Armani Privé dress at the Colossal movie premiere in New York.

Inspired by her colleague Emma Watson, actress Anne Hathaway has also made a move to support sustainable fashion when wearing old designs or reusing outfits from previous seasons, when participating in the show. promote the movie Colossal. The first design she chose was a black dress – part of the spring 2006 collection of the brand Armani Prive. Penny Lovell (Anne Hathaway’s stylist) shared: “We are both impressed and inspired by what Emma Waton has done.”

Anne Hathaway in a $20 dress, paired with Christian Louboutin heels  

Also on the occasion of promoting this film, the actress also wore a simple and reusable black dress, purchased for only $ 20 (about 450,000 VND) at the Rose Bowl fair in Los Angeles.

The image of the actress was shared on Instagram by stylist Penny Lovell 

Anne Hathaway’s stylist, Penny Lovell, has written on her personal Instagram that all of Anne’s choices for the Colossad film tour are sustainable fashion or vintage, archival fashion.


‘ ‘Black Swan’ Natalie Portman

Natalie in designer shoes from the famous Christian Dior brand.

Beautiful actress Natalie Portman  shared that she has been a vegetarian since childhood. She voted in favor of stopping the use of animal furs and skins. She even visited Rwanda in East Africa to participate in a campaign to save gorillas. Natalie has refused to use products sourced that go against her morals. Brand Christian Dior had to design her own shoes without using animal skin as raw materials. In addition, before signing the contract to represent the  Dior brand , she stated that she would not wear any products derived from animals.

The actress is also a regular customer of the sustainable fashion brand Stella McCartney.

Natalie Portman in Stella MC Cartney heels at the 83rd Academy Awards, New York 


Besides the admiration for the happiness of the couples, the separation of Hollywood stars also causes regret for the fans.


Gwyneth Paltrow   shines in the cover photo shoot for ELLE Spain in early 2017 

Gwyneth Paltrow not only has practical activities in actively calling for environmental protection, but she also collaborates to launch a sustainable fashion line called Goop, in association with the Amour Vert brand.

Sustainable fashion line that  Gwyneth Paltrow  teamed with Amour Vert brand for Spring 2014 collection

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop fashion line collaborates with designer  Christian Louboutin   to launch a limited edition shoe in the “HEART & SOLD” collection. 


    “Dark Angel” Jessica Alba       

Famous Hollywood movie star and successful businessman Jessica Alba is seen as a representative of the ‘green’ lifestyle. The actress always chooses costumes, fragrances and deodorant products, of natural origin, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and no harmful chemical elements. In particular, Jessica is known for collaborating with the brand “DL 1961” to jointly create the DL 1961 Premium Denim line , a collection of jeans made from environmentally friendly materials.

Alba  in the DL 1961 Premium Denim Collection 

With its influence and pioneering in Hollywood,  today’s sustainable – fashion trend  is gradually being favored, promoted and developed. Thereby, the stars want to simultaneously send positive messages with solid designs and specific actions. All for a civilized, creative and environmentally friendly fashion industry. 

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