At the age of 70, Maye Musk captivated the world with a unique, personal fashion style and a confident and youthful demeanor like girls in their twenties.

At the age of 70, Lady Maye Musk, mother of technology billionaire Elon Musk, is still pursuing a career in the fashion and beauty industry as a model and nutritionist. During her 50-year modeling career, Mrs. Maye has appeared on the covers of many major magazines around the world. She also left a mark in the hearts of the fashionistas with her stylish and varied fashion style.

fashion style 1

Although she no longer retains her springy features, Mrs. Maye Musk still attracts all eyes with her luxurious aura and sophisticated fashion sense.

Mrs. Maye Musk is also known for inspiring and supporting the cause of her three successful children. Typically, technology billionaire Elon Musk, who is said to be superior to the superhero character Iron Man when opening a new era with Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Meanwhile, Kimbal Musk is a pioneer in the clean food “revolution”, and Tosca Musk is making steady strides as a filmmaker.

Along with names like Carmen Dell’Orefice, China Machado or Daphne Selfe, Lady Maye Musk is a testament to the beauties with the “ageless” fashion spirit, who always know how to update and renew themselves with outfits. Stylish clothes that stand the test of time.


Supermodel Maye Musk often appears at events with the fashion style of an elegant, noble but still outstanding lady. When it comes to monochrome outfits or classic designs, she always knows how to create attractive accents with sophisticated fashion choices.

fashion style 2

Lady Maye Musk is luxurious and attractive when wearing a “black tree” present at the event. She chose an outerwear with floral details on the elegant sleeves, creating a highlight for the outfit. At the age of 70, Mrs. Maye is not afraid to wear attractive and attractive cup designs.

fashion style 3

Veteran supermodel Maye Musk always knows how to highlight her black outfits with accessories and outstanding decorative motifs.

fashion style 5

At the age of 70, Mrs. Maye Musk is still very attractive with charming fashion style. Bold tailoring details and sexy see-through design create an attractive highlight for the overall outfit.

Maye Musk's fashion style 1

Decorative details such as eye-catching ruffles and graceful puff-sleeve designs are also favored by her when wearing monochrome outfits.


Maye Musk’s fashion style is towards creative freedom, she does not limit herself to any standards. Mrs. Maye is not afraid to experiment with bright and striking colors. Stylish ladies always know how to make themselves young and stylish even at the age of 70.

fashion style 7

Age is just a “symbolic” number when Maye Musk is not afraid to refresh her fashion style with vibrant, eye-catching color choices combined with youthful and modern accessories.

fashion style 9

The costumes with vibrant colors cannot make it difficult for the supermodel with a unique fashion sense and a youthful soul like her twenties.

fashion style 8

Supermodel born in 1948 is not afraid to wear red outfits with modern and stylish sparkles.

Maye Musk's chic style

Model Maye sensitively anticipates and experiences new fashion trends when attending the event, typically “rainbow” outfits combined with eye-catching glitter.

PERSONALITY WITH Striking Patterns

Creativity and constant transformation are one of the highlights of Maye Musk’s fashion style. She is not afraid to use unique and fancy motifs to “beautify” her outfits, making them more impressive.

fashion style 11

The accessories with outstanding textures are a great assistant for model Maye Musk, helping her become the focus of the lens when appearing at events.

fashion style 12

Not combining sophisticated accessories, Lady Maye Musk still became the focus with her graceful dress design and trendy metallic plaid pattern.

fashion style 13

Maye Musk skillfully combined costumes with many different textures to create a fancy and novel overall.

fashion style 14

Varied fashion styles and creative ways to coordinate with textured costumes when attending Maye Musk’s events.


Materials such as velvet, satin or sequins are always a challenge for fashionistas, including young girls. However, for Mrs Maye, these “tough” materials are her favorite accessories to show off her aristocratic style and chic demeanor.

fashion style 15

Satin material is likened to a flamboyant lady with a glossy surface, soft fabric that easily reveals body weaknesses and is difficult to combine with other accessories. However, Lady Maye always has a way to “tame” this fabric by skillfully combining with an elegant white coat and matching black accessories.

fashion style 17

Maye Musk offers two different styles, from polite, elegant to comfortable, liberal with youthful, sparkling sequins that are thought only for girls in their twenties.

fashion style 18

Not afraid to try new styles, Maye Musk is a testament to the saying “the older the ginger, the more spicy” when conquering the modern metallic trend, both on the red carpet and in everyday street fashion.

fashion style 16

She brought a hint of nobility with an outfit made of velvet, a material that is always mentioned with the words “old” and “hard to wear”. The simple design and luxurious fur scarf detail create a classic, sophisticated look.

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