Wearing a denim skirt to a strapless top, Rihanna really proved the ability to mix and match the “high-sleeve” of a fashion icon.

As a new generation fashion icon, Rihanna is often ahead of trends, shaping many fashion waves. There have been many times, the female singer has challenged different, sometimes different styles. Recently, the way the singer changed the denim skirt has surprised fashionistas.

Rihanna denim skirt 1

Rihanna often has creative variations in street style. (Photo: Popsugar)

Rihanna 2 denim skirt

She is not afraid to mix different styles together. (Photo: Popsugar)

Rihanna denim skirt 4

She has a specific influence on world fashion trends, typically the wave of dress and pants combinations. (Photo: Popsugar)

When Rihanna appeared with a denim skirt in a unique way, fans admired the singer’s flexible transformation ability. With creativity and courage, she is ready to wear denim skirts like a new generation strapless top.

If wearing skirts like tops is already a fashion challenge, Rihanna is ready to go even further. She chose to combine a two-piece nightgown, jeans with a denim skirt, and finally a striking pink jacket. Incorporating a denim skirt as a second layer over a halter top, Rihanna has successfully created a one-of-a-kind style.

Rihanna 5 . denim skirt

The fashion icon opted for a sophisticated and striking jacket over a denim-on-denim outfit. (Photo: Gotham/GC Images)

Instead of buttoning up her skirt – denim shirt, Rihanna cleverly showed off a two-piece from her Savage x Fenty lingerie collection. With this outfit, Rihanna created a new topic of debate in the fashion world about the limits of celebrity fashion creativity.

The female singer also chose transparent high heels, cleverly showing off her striking white toenails. Metal jewelry, the most impressive is the chain choker necklace, a favorite trend of street fashion. Rihanna’s silver-blue lipstick also makes fashion lovers take their hat off to Diamond’s “commitment” to blue  .

Rihanna 6 . denim skirt

Fans have many controversial opinions about the fashion icon’s outfit. (Photo: Gotham/GC Images)

Along with denim, Rihanna always tries to push the limits of style, creating fancy and outstanding outfits.

Rihanna 7 denim skirt

Rihanna recreates the style of the Queen’s grandmother in a younger, more innovative way. (Image: Getty Images)

Rihanna denim skirt 8

The trend of two-waisted pants was tested by Rihanna many years ago. (Image: Getty Images)

Rihanna 9 . denim skirt

The singer also courageously combined a Dior Book Tote bag with an oversized denim shirt. (Image: Getty Images)

Rihanna 10 . denim skirt

The denim jumpsuit design helps Rihanna demonstrate her personal fashion sense. She opted for turtleneck denim boots to complete the outfit. (Image: Getty Images)

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