The truth is that at the age of 90 , women can still be fashion models for famous brands

The image of an elderly fashion model is a unique marketing tactic of famous brands and brings a humanistic meaning to the fashion village.

Elderly fashion models have revolutionized the fashion industry in recent years. Few people know that 90-year-olds have a great influence on the Fall – Winter 2018 catwalks, they are turning the impossible into possible in the fashion village.

Fashion Model 1

Despite aging, a series of grandmothers from the age of U70 to over 90 still become fashion models representing the product lines of famous fashion houses. (Photo: Instagram @Helmut Lang, @Eckhaus Latta)

The oldest models of fashion in the world

The oldest models of fashion in the world

Even though they have passed the age of seventies, these models still make the fashion world look up in admiration every time they appear…

Designer Brandon Maxwell exploited the special relationship of elderly fashion models through the Mammaw collection in his Fall-Winter 2018 fashion campaign. The friendly image of 81-year-old Louise Johnson opens the door to the world of Maxwell’s childhood memories.

In an interview, Brandon Maxwell shared that during his childhood days in his hometown of Texas, it was Mrs. Johnson who transmitted his love of fashion to him. Through the campaign, he wants to show his deep gratitude to Louise Johnson, who is also his grandmother.

Fashion Model 2

The Mammaw fashion campaign is Brandon Maxwell’s profound tribute to grandmother Louise Johnson. (Image: Instagram @Brandon Maxwell)

elderly fashion model 133

It was Mrs. Johnson who passed on her love of fashion to Brandon Maxwell. (Image: Instagram @Brandon Maxwell)

Fashion model 4

The Mammaw collection in Brandon Maxwell’s Fall – Winter 2018 fashion campaign brings back memories of the beautiful memories of childhood, with the sacred meaning of family affection. (Image: Instagram @Brandon Maxwell)

Brandon Maxwell isn’t the only designer to feature elderly women in elegant fashion this season. Helmut Lang’s Fall-Winter 2018 fashion campaign celebrates the elegant elderly Welsh.

Fashion model 5

Margaret (86 years old) was chosen by Helmut Lang as the representative of the Fall – Winter 2018 collection. Her niece Charlotte James worked with photographer Alexandra Leese to take fashion photos in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. . (Photo: Helmut Lang)

Fashion model 6

Helmut Lang’s Fall/Winter 2018 fashion campaign celebrates elegant Welsh elders, such as the world’s oldest skydiver Dilys Price. (Photo: Helmut Lang)

Fashion model 7

Gillian, 78, wore the latest Helmut Lang sheepskin coat adorned with “cool” studs. She was a pioneer in the Welsh Women’s movement. (Photo: Helmut Lang)

Fashion model 8

In addition, a series of high-end fashion brands are also involved in bringing elderly fashion models into their new promotional campaigns. The special participation of Joan Collins (85 years old) in Kurt Geiger’s latest fashion campaign is also impressive. (Photo: Instagram @Kurt Geiger)

Fashion model 9

Or the performance of elderly fashion model Thea Westreich in Eckhaus Latta’s Fall – Winter 2018 collection. (Photo: Instagram @Eckhaus Latta)

In the last few years, the elderly fashion model has made an impressive mark on the catwalk and in advertising campaigns. This is considered a new signal, showing that fashion houses are very interested in elderly customers instead of forgetting them as before. At the same time, this move is not only a unique and interesting marketing technique in the business strategy of fashion brands, but also expands the diversity and humanity of the fashion village.

Fashion model 9

Actress Vanessa Redgrave (79 years old) appeared on a shirt printed with the British flag during the Gucci 2017 fashion campaign (Photo: Gucci)

Fashion model 10

Actress Tippi Hedren (88 years old) is a few U90 fashion models who still have a luxurious and aristocratic beauty in the Gucci 2018 jewelry promotion photo series (Photo: Gucci)

Fashion model 11

Movie star Faye Dunaway (77 years old) appeared in Gucci’s Fall – Winter fashion campaign. (Image: Instagram @Brandon Maxwell)

Fashion model 12

At the age of U80, she still kept her style from her body to her stylish demeanor when appearing in the promotional photos for Gucci’s “legendary” bag. (Photo: Gucci)

Fashion model 13

In Gucci sportswear, elderly model Faye Dunaway broke age stereotypes with her fitness. (Photo: Gucci)

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